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Breakout Plenum Multimode OM2 Fiber

Fiber Savvy Breakout Multimode OM2 Plenum Cable is ideal for installations requiring an extremely rugged and reliable cable design where maximum mechanical and environmental protection are necessary. It's the easiest cable to install where direct termination of fiber connectors to sub-units and direct run to fiber patch panels and equipment is desired. Fiber Savvy Breakout Multimode OM2 Plenum Cables utilize high performance components and construction and are UL Listed in accordance with NEC sections 770.179(b) for use in ducts, plenums and air-handling spaces.

According to National Electric Code (NEC), a plenum is a "compartment or chamber to which one or more air ducts are connected and forms part of the air distribution system." That is to say, as a plenum, the space above an acoustic tile ceiling would have to extend above other rooms in the same building or be open to ducts connecting it to other parts of the building. The concern is that during a fire, if there is burning material in a plenum air space, smoke and fumes can travel through air ducts to the whole building. For this reason, there are codes to restrict the types of materials (such as cables) that can be placed in the plenum.

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