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Plastic Adjustable Sno-Shoe with Aerial Mounting Bracket & Hardware, 16"

16" Plastic Adjustable Sno-Shoe with Aerial Mounting Bracket & Hardware
Item #: FB26-4617-16A
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Made in the USA

16" Plastic Adjustable Sno-Shoe

The Fiber Savvy Plastic Sno-Shoe has been designed with two purposes in mind. The first is to store additional lengths of fiber along the strand for later use. The second is to act as a safeguard, protecting the minimum bend radius of the fiber optic cable while establishing proper installation practices. The Fiber Savvy Plastic Sno-Shoe is a durable and cost effective tool for storing fiber optic cable in the air! The 16” diameter circle design allows two half circle units to be installed on the strand. The half circle design can be adjusted to the desired coil length. The FB26-4617-16A also comes with all required strand mounting hardware. We also offer an option that comes supplied with aerial mounting hardware (ADSS, wall, rack and pole mounting hardware also available. Please call for more details).


  • Prevents macrobends in fiber optic cable.
  • Stores slack cable in one location to reduce repair time.
  • Eliminates the need for costly slack storage vaults in the fiber plant.
  • Reduces operating costs. With all the different mounting options, it also allows for one slack storage device to be used throughout the entire system.
  • Establishes proper installation practices while insuring your installation is within telephone and utility regulations.
  • Solves spacing problems on the pole.
  • 20 year pro-rated warranty.

External Dimensions


Channel Dimensions

50" - 62"

Internal Dimensions

Bend Radius

Physical Properties

6.5 lbs

Installation Applications

Two typical applications for the Fiber Savvy Plastic Sno-Shoe are illustrated below:

Application 1
Strand Storage Installation

Application 2
Butt Splice Installation

Sno-Shoe Installation Applications

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