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Cast Iron Bender Head for EMT Pipes
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    Bender Head for EMT Conduits made of Cast Iron with contoured pedal design Fiber Savvy Short Radius Bender Heads are commonly used to bend EMT pipes so it can fit around any corner, ceiling, wall or irregularly shaped passageways running wiring to applications that need electrical power. Our short radius bender head features a non-slip, contoured pedal design for better leverage while bending the pipe. Product Quality The Fiber Savvy conduit head bender is made out of cast iron for exceptional...

    Multi-Purpose Cutting Tool
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    Fiber Savvy Item #: NPNB-TVF28 -

      Multi-Purpose Cutting Tool Fiber Savvy's multipurpose cutting tool enables rapid resizing of thin wall PVC, poly pipe, hose and tubing up to 1 1/4" in diameter. Product Quality To ensure our multipurpose cutting tool is dependable, this product is fabricated with an easy to hold, crush proof plastic grip . Durability & Strength Fiber Savvy's multipurpose cutting tool has a blade that is forged from enduring, high quality metal to ensure long lasting sharpness and dependability as well as...