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    Fiber Connector Cleaner and Preparation Fluid

    FCC2 Enhanced Fiber Connector Cleaner is a nonflammable, environmentally safe, residue-free solvent engineered to clean fiber connector end-faces and bare fiber before field terminating or fusion splicing. The 3-way dispenser is intended for easy one-handed use with fiber wipes, convenient wetting of CCT connector cleaning tips, and spray nozzle functionality. Packaged in unique, spill-proof containers, it can be shipped with connector cleaning and termination kits so technicians avoid wasting time sourcing a cleaner locally. Offering high purity and fast consistent cleaning, FCC2 was developed with and is packaged by Micro Care Corporation, a world leader in cleaning solvents.


    • Not Hazardous/Not Regulated for all modes of transport, including air cargo
    • Unique dispenser for use with AFL Connector Cleaning Tips and FiberWipes
    • Up To 1300+ cleanings per can
    • Dries without a residue, unlike alcohol
    • Dissipates static charge
    • Safe on all surfaces including soft plastics


    • Cleans all types of connector end-faces
    • Cleans bare fiber before field terminating or fusion splicing
    • Removes oils, salts, dust, dirt and uncured epoxies
    • Safe on glass, ceramic, metal, plastic optical fiber
    • Compact size fits easily into tool kits, instrument cases, termination kits, and inspection kits
    • Perfectly cleans all optic components

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