Fiber Optic Tool Kit

Fiber Tool Kit

Current telecommunications systems are transmitting greater amounts of information at faster and faster speeds. Optical fiber cables and high-precision fiber connectors are integral and necessary components of these systems. After optical fiber cables have been selected for a system, the appropriate connector and termination method must be implemented in order to meet system requirements. These crucial characteristics include insertion loss and return loss, among others.

With Fiber Savvy’s assortment of fiber optic tool kits, your network will have rock-solid connectivity without unnecessary downtime. Our fiber tool kits are made with your network in mind. They’re designed to get the job done quickly and correctly – the first time. We realize how important your network’s performance is.

Different optical fiber connector types are commercially available (e.g., SC, ST, MTRJ, LC). Also, different termination methods exist for each connector type. Common termination methods include no-epoxy-no-polish, epoxy and polish and pigtail splicing. The capabilities and limitations of each termination method affect mated connector pair insertion loss and reflectance. In reality, terminations must be measured for both insertion loss and reflectance. In practice, insertion loss is typically the only measurement taken for installed optical fiber links. The availability of quick mount connectors that are polished and measured for both insertion loss and reflectance at the time of manufacture significantly reduces field testing time. As you can see, the correct fiber tool kit keeps your network running efficiently.

Our fiber tool kits are contained in durable, portable cases. They can handle a tough workload. Plus, they help organize each fiber took for quick, easy access. Your network electrician or repair man will love our fiber tool kits’ convenience and performance.

Have a question about connector types or fiber took kits for your particular network? Fiber Savvy’s experienced, informative and friendly customer service department can answer your questions. Just call us at 951-801-5780 and let our experience work for you.

Fiber Savvy has been supplying quality network cable and components for close to 20 years – and that includes both fiber optic tool kits. We’ve been through all the major upgrades. We’ve witnessed the evolution of network capacity and performance. This experience allows us to offer the best advice. And our product selection offers you the best price!

Thanks for considering Fiber Savvy for your fiber optic tool kit needs. We appreciate your business.
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Basic Fiber Optic Cable Termination Tool Kit
Price: $649.99
Availability: In Stock
Fiber Savvy Item #: FB26-3921-FTK -

    Fiber Savvy Basic Fiber Optic Tool Kit The Fiber Savvy Basic Fiber Optic Tool Kit provides you with dozens of basic tools that are essential for fiber optic termination and splicing. The kit includes strippers, cable slitter and other precision hand tools, consumable products, and much more. All of the contents are packed in a durable case, keeping the items you need within easy reach. Contents of the entire kit are listed in the feature tab.

    TKT-UNICAM-PFC - Corning UniCam Pretium Connector Installation Tool Kit
    Price: $1,711.99
    Availability: In Stock
    Corning Item #: TKT-UNICAM-PFC -

      Corning UniCam Connector High-Performance Installation Tool Kit Corning Cable Systems Tool Kits provide the cable installer with a collection of essential tools needed for all tasks associated with the installation, maintenance and termination of fiber optic cable. The tools used in the kits are thoughtfully assembled and are stored in rugged, compact cases that carry like a briefcase. The cases are engineered to keep the high-quality tools safe, neat and in proper working order. The main...

      TKT-UNICAM-PFC2 - Corning UniCam Pretium Connector Installation Tool Kit 2
      Price: $2,733.99
      Availability: In Stock
      Corning Item #: TKT-UNICAM-PFC2 -

        Corning® UniCam® Connector High-Performance Installation Tool Kit 2 The UniCam® high-performance toolkit 2 was developed to reduce the amount of time required to terminate a single connector and to provide operational feedback and guidance throughout the termination process.Termination speeds are 25 percent faster by reducing the number of steps in the termination process. Installation of an LC, SC or ST compatible connectors can be accomplished in 45 seconds with the UniCam® high-performance...

        AFL FAST Connector Universal Tool Kit, High Preceision CT-30A Cleaver Included
        Price: $1,799.99
        Availability: In Stock
        AFL Item #: TL6-5742 -

          FAST Connector Universal Tool Kit The FAST Connector Universal Tool Kits provide all the necessary installation tools required for fiber preparation of 250 μm or 900 μm fibers, or 900 μm, 2 mm or 3 mm cordage for AFL's pre-polished FAST connectors. Featuring CT-50 fiber cleaver, the FAST Connector Universal Tool Kit contains all the industry standard termination tools required for fiber preparation. Additionally, the carrying case has adequate storage for extra FAST connectors for on-site...

          AFL FUSEConnect Tool Kit
          Price: $959.99
          Availability: Call For Shipping
          AFL Item #: FUSE-TL-KT -

            FUSEConnect® Tool Kit and Accessories The FUSEConnect tool kit provides all the necessary installation tools required for fiber preparation of 900 μm fiber, 2 mm or 3 mm cordage for AFL's FUSEConnect Fusion Spliced Field Installable Connectors except for a fusion splicer and precision cleaver. Included in the kit are standard fiber preparation tools and cleaning supplies as well as a FUSEConnect accessory kit and cord splitter tool, which can be bought separately from the tool kit. The cord...