Electrical Siding Boxes for Lights and Fixtures

Electrical siding boxes are receptacles for securing electrical fixtures and lamps. These units are generally made of plastic or non-conductive materials and sometimes come with a specialized wallplate. Fiber Savvy provides electrical siding boxes and siding plates for both indoor and outdoor installations. Many of these siding plates and boxes are made of UV rated plastic.

The Siding Box Kits For Fixtures & Receptacles, Paintable is just the solution for installing light fixtures and electrical devices. The plastic siding of this electrical siding box is UV rated for outdoor installation. It is compatible with all siding types before or after the siding is up. Flanges may be removed for retrofit work and a NM cable connector is included with the kit.

This electrical siding box has a white textured surface, which is paintable to suit your needs. Another great electrical product from Arlington Fiber Savvy carries is the GFI Siding Box Kits For Fixtures & GFCIs, Paintable. This electrical siding box is an all in one electrical box and cover for the installation of exterior coach lights and fixtures.

It works with standardized receptacles, fixtures, and GFIs. The flanges may be removed for retrofit work, and this unit can be installed either before or after siding is applied. If you’re using the flanges, you can use the holes in the flanges to screw the box to the surface. This electrical siding box has a textured paintable surface and comes with an NM cable connector.

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XL Siding Box Kits For Fixtures & GFCIs
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    XL Siding Box Kit For Fixtures, Receptacles and GFCIs Fiber Savvy's XL siding box kits are an excellent solution for installing extra large GFCIs, fixtures and receptacles on new or old sided structures. This product also allows you to mount large coach lamps on all siding types. XL siding box kits come with a paint-able white UV rated plastic which makes it perfect for outside use and gives it a long outdoor life. This electrical box is UL Listed and works on all siding types before or after...