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Conduit Fittings & Connectors

Conduit End Bells and Connectors

Direct burial PVC conduit is commonly used for underground communications and electrical wiring. This type of conduit is safe for encasing in concrete due to its rugged thickness. Fiber Savvy supplies conduit end bells suitable for direct burial conduit.

The DB120 Fabricated End Bells are available in both 4” and 5” diameter sizes. Conduit end bells are used to attach to the end of a run of direct burial PVC conduit. They provide cable protection to the sheath during cable pulling as well. The conduit end bell is also used for entry and exit points for conduit runs.

Fiber Savvy also supplies DB60 Conduit, 10’ Lengths, Belled End, 2” – 6” for direct burial applications. This direct burial conduit is non-metallic and has a thinner wall thickness than DB100 rated conduit. Its smooth on the inside to facilitate wire and cable pulling. Coupling is molded into one side of this direct burial DB60 conduit. Easily fuse together with PVC cement. This is available in diameters ranging from 2” to up to 6.”

All of our PVC for electrical conduit applications provide a cost effective and long lasting solution. Our direct burial conduit is easy to load, handle, and install. They come with a bell end on one side so you don’t need to spend extra on couplers to piece sections together. Pieces of our direct burial conduit can be cut in the field without expensive machinery.

Fiber Savvy also supplies PVC Cement and Glue for joining together sections of underground conduit. These standard and low VOC cements are suitable for all classes and schedules of PVC pipe and fittings up to 6” in diameter.

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Fiber Savvy is a major industry supplier of fiber optic networking and connectivity products serving all segments of the data fiber optics industry. Supported by a solid network of manufacturers around the globe that specialize in all aspects of networking and connectivity, we have the ability to meet the needs of small, large and Government requirements quickly and cost effectively.

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