Schedule 80 Conduit Fittings, Adapters, and Connectors

Schedule 80 conduit fittings are typically used to join sections of electrical conduit to a junction box. In this case, these conduit fittings are being used for PVC pipe being run above ground, as schedule 80 PVC is more durable.

Fiber Savvy supplies schedule 80 conduit fittings like terminal adapters and swedge reducers. The Schedule 80 Swedge Reducer is used to join two different size pipes together to achieve the desired length. This type of schedule 80 conduit fitting has a longer bell, which minimizes the risk of pipes pulling apart.

This schedule 80 conduit fitting has an internal ridge for a smooth transition when changing the type of conduit. It is available in a variety of sizes to suit your application.

Come prepared for your electrical conduit installation with PVC Low VOC medium glue for electrical conduit like the PVC Low VOC Medium Cement. This PVC glue adheres to higher standards for low emissions from materials. PVC glue designated as low VOC releases lower amounts of volatile organic compounds into the air. Low VOC PVC cement is required in certain states while yielding the same high performance standards.

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