Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings

Liquid tight conduit fittings allow you to join liquid tight conduit to a junction box or electrical box. We provide fittings in both component type and one piece type versions. A popular type of liquid tight conduit fitting Fiber Savvy provides is the Liquid Tight Connectors, Component Type, Straight, Plastic, Gray.

This liquid tight conduit fitting is used to connect liquid tight conduit to electrical boxes and enclosures. These are used for non-metallic liquid tight tubing and are available in sizes ranging from 3/8” to 2.” These connectors are very convenient and easy to install.

We also offer 90 degree angle liquid tight conduit fittings like the Liquid Tight Connectors, One Piece Type, 90 Degree Angle, PVC, Gray. This type of fitting can be used to incorporate bends into straight sections of liquid tight conduit when attaching them to electrical boxes. This one piece type liquid tight conduit fitting comes in ½” and ¾” diameter sizes.

Liquid tight conduit can be exposed to sunlight, and resists abrasion, water penetration, oil, metal shavings, and corrosion. Fiber Savvy provides the Flexible Liquid Tight Metallic Conduit, EF PVC Jacket, Steel Core in diameter sizes ranging from 3/8” to 4.” It is durable enough to withstand damage from pulling or crushing. Liquid tight conduit is offered in trade sizes ranging from 3/8” to up to 2.” It has a smooth inside for easy wire pulling and does not have sharp edges for cable to catch on or cause damage to the conductors.

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