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Founded in 1983, Optical Cable Corporation (OCC®) was among the first companies to realize the potential of fiber optics through designing and manufacturing some of the most reliable, rugged and innovative cable products in the world. The U.S. Military needed an extremely strong, lightweight, rugged, and survivable fiber optic cable, able to efficiently transmit previously unprecedented volumes of data in the field. OCC and its engineers were at the forefront of the development of the tight-buffered, tight-bound cable technology that met these criteria.

The result: cables that were easy to deploy and performed under the harshest of conditions. OCC's success in the battlefield provided a foundation for the creation of a broad fiber optic cable offering built on the evolution of their technologies.

It also allowed opportunities to expand their product offerings beyond fiber optic cabling.

OCC has evolved into a world-class provider of a complete line of fiber optic and copper cabling and connectivity products to a broad customer base. While our heritage started with military, our expertise now extends in to the enterprise, broadcast, industrial, harsh environment, and various specialty markets, and reaches worldwide through our network of distributors with customers in more than 70 countries.

Fiber Savvy carries a wide selection of OCC fiber optic cable for: aerial, direct burial, long distance, short distance, and for harsh environments. We even offer military tactical cable in single mode, multimode, and OM1-OM3 in both distribution and breakout versions. This kind of OCC fiber optic cable is intended for outdoor usage where both deployment and retrieval for reuse is necessary.

OCC fiber optic cable for military tactical breakout applications is a fanout cable with several jacketed simplex optical fibers packaged together inside an outer jacket. Breakout OCC fiber optic cable is extremely strong, durable, and lightweight. They come pre-terminated with single fiber or multichannel connectors and are utilized worldwide.

OCC fiber optic cable for military tactical distribution comes in as few as two strands and with as many as 24 strands. The military tactical fiber Fiber Savvy provides is resilient with a thick layer of aramid strength material. It is chemical resistant, making Mil-Tac OCC fiber optic cable safe to use in severe environments.

Fiber Savvy also offers OCC fiber optic cable for armored indoor distribution plenum and riser applications. This cable has aluminum interlocking armor eliminating the necessity for conduit, which saves money on installation. Armored OCC fiber optic cable is more flexible than standard corrugated steel armored cables.

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OCC Fiber Optic Cable

OCC Fiber Connectivity Products

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3G Cellular Distribution System
Price: $18,750.00
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Item #: CDS3G-50-4D -

    3G Cellular Distribution System, 7U Rack-mount OCC's patented Cellular Distribution System (CDS) is a wireless enhancement product designed to resolve low cellular signal strength issues for in-building applications. Designed as a complete kit, the CDS system provides everything you need to mitigate your 3G communications dead zones. The system is based on a donor antenna architecture, whereby an antenna is placed at an external location to capture the available signal from the provider's...

    MIL-SPEC Connector, COTS-83526
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    Item #: COTS-83526 -

      COTS M83526 2-4 CH Connector Family Optical Cable Corporation introduces the next generation of Tactical Fiber Optic Connector family based on the retired MILPRF-83526 performance specification. This tactical fiber optic connector system features a “field convertible” hermaphroditic fiber optic plug component COTS-83526 PLUG connector with integrated strain relief and tactical cable retention systems. Available in either 4 or 12 channel shell sizes (2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 CH options), this family...

      Fiber Optic Cable, Single Mode, 9/125, Outdoor Aerial with Messenger, Polyethylene
      Price: From $1.74/ft
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      Item #: MX###ASLX9KAG3 -

        Fiber Optic Cable, Multimode, 62.5/125 OM1, Outdoor Aerial with Messenger, Polyethylene
        Price: From $1.88/ft
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        Item #: MX###AWLS9KAG3 -

          MIL-SPEC Connector, EZ-MATE
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          Item #: EZ-MATE -

            EZ-MATE Connector Family The OCC EZ-MATE family of hermaphroditic-style fiber optic connectors provides the most comprehensive solution to fiber inter-connect in harsh, deployable or mobilized communications systems. The EZ-MATE family of fiber optic deployable inter-connect provides end users with the same proven technology used in advanced military communication systems, but with simplified (EZ-MATE) mating interfaces capable of “blind mate” and/or applications that require thousands of...

            MIL-SPEC Connector, F-LINK Inter-Connect System
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            Item #: F-LINK -

              F-LINK Inter-Connect System Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) introduces the F-LINK Inter-Connect platform, a versatile and unique connectivity component family. Born out of the proven performance of MIL-SPEC cylindrical components, the F-LINK Inter-Connect System is a cost-effective solution for commercial, industrial and military applications. The F-LINK Inter-Connect platform is a comprehensive family of connector components designed to solve a multitude of fiber optic applications, as well...

              MIL-SPEC Connector, Intelligent Release Inter-Connect System (IRIS)
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              Item #: IRIS -

                Intelligent Release Inter-Connect System (IRIS) Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) introduces a revolutionary fiber optic inter-connect system, which disengages upon impact to a traffic control enclosure. IRIS allows for a fully restored fiber optic connection, without field repair or retermination of the fiber optic cable. Most importantly, IRIS protects the installed fiber plant from damage when the control enclosure is impacted. Designed to sense mechanical axial and shear loads from within...

                Fiber Optic Cable, Multimode, 50/125 10 Gig OM3, Outdoor Aerial with Messenger, Polyethylene
                Price: From $2.86/ft
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                Item #: MX###AALT9KAG3 -

                  Mini Hermaphroditic MIL-SPEC Connector
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                  Item #: MHCII -

                    MHC II Fiber Optic Connector The requirements for today's high-speed, high-bandwidth communications systems are constantly expanding with more diverse platforms and unique environments. At the same time, smaller, lighter, more efficient packaging is being demanded to allow designers to pack more into less space. OCC's Mini Hermaphroditic Fiber Optic/Hybrid Connector (MHC II) fills that requirement. The MHC II is designed specifically to inter-connect fiber optic channels in a small, yet...

                    Fiber Optic Cable, Multimode, 50/125 10 Gig OM4, Outdoor Aerial with Messenger, Polyethylene
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                    Item #: MX###AALE9KAG3 -

                      MIL-SPEC Connector, Pierside Hermaphroditic
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                      Item #: PIERSIDE -

                        Pierside Hermaphroditic Fiber Optic Connector The OCC Pierside family of fiber optic connectors is designed to meet stringent performance characteristics established by the U.S. Navy in accordance with NAVSEA 7379171 and 7379172 drawings. Conceived in 1997, these standards governed the requirements for a durable, high-quality 6- to 12-channel fiber optic hermaphroditic connector system to be concatenated when connecting naval vessels to network interfaces located at docks or piers. The OCC...

                        Fan-out Kit, 12 Fiber, 24" Leads, 900um Tubing, High-density Cable Only
                        Price: $56.00
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                        Item #: HCBK12-24900 -

                          12 Strand Fiber Fan-out Kit, 24" Leads, High Density Fiber Only Fiber Savvy fan out kits are designed for the quick and simple termination of high-density HC cables. The kit will allow for the 245µm buffered fibers to be terminated at 900µm strands, giving better protection of the fibers at the termination points.