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Fish Tape, Flat-Steel, 1/8"x65'

Fish Tape, Flat-Steel, 1/8"x65'
Fish Tape, Flat-Steel, 1/8"x65'
Fish Tape, Flat-Steel, 1/8"x65'
Fish Tape, Flat-Steel, 1/8"x65'
Fish Tape, Flat-Steel, 1/8"x65'
Item #: NPNB-FTS438-65
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For data sheets and other information on the FTS438-65 Flat-Steel Fish Tape, click on the specifications tab.

Greenlee FTS438-65 Flat-Steel Fish Tape

Greenlee has always offered their customers a family of Fish Tapes for every type of fishing application that are designed to outperform and outlast the competition on the jobsite. Now, they’re offering a new generation of Fish Tapes with advanced ergonomics and functionality as well as improved ruggedness for tough job site conditions.

Greenlee’s new rugged case design and comfort grip give you increased productivity with reduced fatigue and longer tool life. So, whether you’re fishing a few short feet or through a number of walls and bends, Greenlee’s Fish Tapes will make the job easier.


  • Oil-tempered spring steel for excellent fishing performance
  • Dirt-free tape finish keeps hands cleaner during use
  • Advanced comfort handle grip reduces fatigue
  • Superior rapid tape pay-out and rewind
  • Smaller Fish Eye with offset bend for improved fishing ability
  • Improved low profile tip for easy fishing through all sizes of conduit
  • Viewing Port gives visibility to remaining tape and ability to remove jobsite debris quickly
  • Rugged case design improves drop impact capability
  • Flared case with Grip Ridges for no slip handling


65 ft. (19.8 meters)
1/8 in. (3.2 mm)
Tensile Strength
400 lbs. (1.7 kn) Maximum Design Strength

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Fiber Savvy's Item Number: NPNB-FTS438-65
Greenlee's Item Number: FTS438-65

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