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This product requires cage nuts and rack screws for installation into Racks, Enclosures or Cabinets.

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    D-Flanged Cable Lacing Bar

    Fiber Savvy's D-Flanged Cable Lacing Bars properly manage and protect your cables, offering a supportive surface for cables when securing, routing, and organizing connection points to and from switches patch panels and other rackmount equipment. For versatile mounting, the D-Flanged Lacing Bar can be placed above, below, behind, or in front of your network devices. As a result, valuable rack space is made available for other rack configuration needs.

    Product Quality

    The sturdy and reliable construction makes this a truly dependable and secure lacing shelf. Featuring horizontal and vertical lacing slots to allow for dual routing options. The 6" depth helps to promote a better bend radius for cables and limits the risk of slower data speeds, disconnections, and damaged cables.

    Durability & Strength

    Fiber Savvy's Cable Lacing Shelves are constructed from CRS (Cold Rolled Steel) with a black powder coated finish. Managing cables on this lacing shelf is easy with the help of the Hook and Loop Cable Ties. Simply bundle cables to this Cable Lacing Shelf with Hook and Loop Cable Ties to add support, organization, and protection of your network cabling.

    To complete your network we carry a full end to end solution including cable management accessories that will help make your installation go fast, smooth and organized. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 951-801-5780.


    • 3" or 5" depth
    • Features ½" slots to use with any ½" cable ties
    • Uses less than one U space, or none at all if mounted in front of or behind equipment
    • Versatile, horizontal mounting
    • 19" EIA compliant
    • Made in the USA
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Space Saver - Mount the bar above, below, behind, or in front of your network device, vacating valuable U space for other network installation needs. The bar itself uses less than one U space, or none at all if mounted in front of or behind equipment.
    • Promotes Good Bend Radius - The 3" or 5" depth creates a good bend radius for cables and limits the risk of slower data speeds and broken cables.
    • Numerous Lacing Slots - Lacing slots are included on both flanges allowing you to route cables top to bottom or left to right. These lacing slots also nearly cover the entire length of the panel allowing convenient routing to both ends.
    • Strain Reliever - Designed to relieve cable stress and helps avoid pulling cables when routing them from one side of a rack to the other.
    • Easy to Use - Simply secure cables to any of the numerous lacing slots by using the Hook and Loop Cable Ties.


    Depth 3" or 5"
    Width 19"
    Height 0.56"
    Weight 1.20 lbs
    Material CRS (Cold Rolled Steel)
    Color/Finish Black Powder Coat Finish

    Additional Information

    Rack Accessories

    Effective cable organization involves more than just the combination of cable raceway, ladder racks, and server racks. Sometimes it’s the little things, like server rack accessories that bring the network components together. Fiber Savvy stocks an assortment of rack accessories including: D-ring cable managers, horizontal and vertical cable managers, cable management duct covers, and cable routing banks, just to name a few.

    To learn more about our Rack Accessories please visit our overview page. Kendall Howard's D-Flanged Lacing Bars can be combined with a wide array of products such as:

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