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    Replacement Reel for Cleanssette Fiber Optical Connector Cleaner

    This is a replacement reel for the cleanssette fiber optical connector cleaner.

    The Cleanssette is a new design optical connector cleaner on today’s market. The concept of Cleanssette is by using both sides of the cleaning reel, you are able to reduce the reel cost and also be more environmental friendly. This optical connector cleaner is suitable for all fiber connector types except for male MT connectors and is the most suitable cleaning tool for on-site staff and inspection staff.

    Cleanssette features a densely woven dry cloth reel, which provides superior cleaning performance while minimizing static charge. This ensures that debris is not instantly attracted back onto the fiber tips. The Cleanssette can be used over 400 times, making it a long-lasting cleaner that any fiber technician should have.


    • Minimizes static attraction.
    • Ultra clean micro-fiber cloth captures debris and other contamination
    • The cloth is robust and does not fray or leave any fibrous materials behind
    • Eco-friendly and low cost double sided reel design
    • It is easy to remove the cleaning reel without causing contamination
    • The unique design of Cleansette is able to withdraw the used part of the reel in the same length in order to reduce unnecessary waste
    • Dry cleaning