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    One-Click® MPO/MTP Fiber Cleaner

    The One-Click® MPO/MTP Fiber Cleaner is an easy to use ergonomic solution for cleaning MPO and MTP multi-fiber connectors in data centers and high density installations. Utilizing mechanical push action to advance optical cleaning tape it effectively and gently cleans the end face of the connector. This device is cost effective, small enough to fit into shirt pocket, and is easy on the wrist to use.


    • Cleans MPO/MTP multi fiber connectors
    • Ergonomic, comfortable design with single action cleaning
    • 500 cleaning cycles
    • Effective on a variety of contaminants including dust and oils
    • Automatic advance ensures each clean is performed with fresh cleaning tape


    • Routine cleaning of fiber connectors, adapters, and patch cords helps maintain peak performance levels of network
    • Cost effective
    • Ergonomic


    • Cleans MPO/MTP connectors on jumpers and adapters


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