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    18" Deep Open Frame Wall Rack

    The 18” Deep Open Frame Wall Rack has a feature-rich, dual frame design making it easy for IT technicians to install. This sturdy, open frame rack permits 18” of usable depth to house network switches, patch panels, A/V devices, and other non-rackmountable equipment. For convenient cable routing in and around the installed equipment, use any of the cable lacing points found on the top and bottom of this 2-piece open wall rack. The 18” Deep Open Frame Wall Rack is sleek, with a simplistic design, making it a strong and durable solution for your next network system.

    • Two-Piece Design
    • 18" usable depth
    • 10-32 tapped rails
    • Includes 25 rack screws
    • 130 lb. weight capacity
    • 19” EIA compliant
    • Made in the USA
    • Limited Lifetime Warrant

    Make wall mounting easier by adding a Wall Mount Hardware kit to your purchase then you'll be mounting like a pro in no time.


    • Two-Piece, Knockdown Design - The 18” Deep Open Frame Wall Rack includes two universal top and bottom frames and two universal rails that when mounted together, form a rugged and reliable network solution.
    • Cable Lacing Points - The top and bottom of the 18” Deep Open Frame Wall Rack feature cable lacing points making it easy to install, route, and manage network cables.
    • Quick Assembly - By using a crescent wrench and a Philips head screwdriver or drill, within minutes your 18” Deep Open Frame Wall Rack will be ready to install on the wall.


    Width 20.04"
    Depth 18.10"
    Height 15.88" (8U), 28.13" (15U)
    Weight 19.00 lbs. (8U), 20.00 lbs. (15U)
    Material(s) CRS (Cold Rolled Steel)
    Color/Finish Black Powder Coated Finish

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    Network Wall Rack & Bracket System Accessories

    The network wall rack provides innovative networking and cable management solutions, especially when floor space is limited. Install a network wall rack and you can keep networking cables conveniently out of the way and organized. We offer a variety of network wall racks and bracket solutions including: swing-out open frame wall mounts, swing-out brackets, V-line open frame wall mounts and brackets. Network wall rack solutions from Fiber Savvy will help maximize the efficiency of your system.

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    What's in the Box?

    • Qty 2 - Universal Top/Bottom Frames
    • Qty 2 - Universal Rails
    • Qty 25 - 10-32 Rack Screws
    • Qty 8 - Acorn Nuts