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    Cable Routing Blank

    Fiber Savvy's Cable Routing Blanks make it easy to pass cables from the front of a server rack or cabinet to the back and still keep a neatly organized look. Easily route cables from patch panels, routers, and switches that are mounted in the front of the rack, to servers or any component that requires cables to be connected in the rear of the rack

    Product Quality

    Cable Routing Blanks make it easy to run virtually any cable or cord from the front of one component to the rear of another. Install a Cable Routing Blank adjacent to a component and pass the cables to the back of the rack or cabinet. This simple cable management bracket will eliminate the problems that arise from tangled and crimped network cables.

    These Cable Routing Blanks come with a tool-less installation option including two mounting clips, but can also be installed using screws and cage nuts if desired. They are Made in the USA and backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


    • Large Cable Cut Outs - Seven large open cut outs provide ample room for routing various cables such as copper, fiber optic, telecom, and power cables.
    • Numerous Routing Variations - Cable routing panel can be installed to safely direct cables from left to right or front to back. Easily route cables from patch panels, routers, and switches that are mounted in the front of the rack to servers or other components that require the cables to be connected in the rear of the rack.
    • Rounded Corners - Edges and cable cut outs all have rounded corners for safe handling and installation.
    • EIA Compliant - 19" EIA compliant routing panel can be installed in a wide variety of network/electronic solutions such as 2-post racks, 4-post racks, server enclosures, and wall mount racks and cabinets.
    • Tool-Less Mounting - For smaller cable bundle installations, the use of the included tool-less clips makes installation easy with universal cage nut style rails. For heavier cable bundles the use of rack screws and cage nuts are recommended.


    Depth 0.5"
    Width 19"
    Height 1.72" (1U), 3.47" (2U)
    Weight 1.50 lbs. (1U), 2.00 lbs. (2U)
    Material(s) CRS (Cold Rolled Steel)
    Color/Finish Black Powder Coat Finish

    Additional Information

    Rack Accessories

    Effective cable organization involves more than just the combination of cable raceway, ladder racks, and server racks. Sometimes it’s the little things, like server rack accessories that bring the network components together. Fiber Savvy stocks an assortment of rack accessories including: D-ring cable managers, horizontal and vertical cable managers, cable management duct covers, and cable routing banks, just to name a few.

    To learn more about our Rack Accessories please visit our overview page. Kendall Howard's Cable Routing Blanks can be combined with a wide array of products such as:

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