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Item #: GLF403
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    Glowfish II 5/32", Glow-in-the-Dark Replacement Rod - 6' Bullnose Ends

    Glowfish II wire installation rods come in sections that screw together as needed. All rods feature durable zinc-plated, rustproof, and machined steel end fittings. The kits come packaged in a handy clear carry case with vinyl caps.

    Super flexible Glow-in-th-dark rods. Great for tight jobs. The clear carry case keeps the constantly charged and ready.


    • Plastic coated Glowfish II glow-in-the-dark rod
    • 6' bullnose/bullnose
    • Durable plastic coating which greatly reduces splintering and slivering of fiberglass
    • No more splinters!!
    • Durable zinc-plated, rustproof, machined steel end fittings
    • Perfect for a wide range of installation situations and challenges
    • Stiff enough for drop ceilings
    • Flexible enough for insulated walls
    • Made in the USA
    • One year warranty

    Package Contents

    • 1 - 6' Bullnose/Bullnose (B/B) Rod