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Fiber Splice Tray, 24 Single Fusion Splices, Aluminum, 0.5"x7.75"x6"

24 Single Fusion Splice Capacity 0.5"x8.5"x5.8" Splice Tray
Item #: FB25-3997STA24S
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Made in the USA
This splice tray is only compatible with our FB23 fiber patch panels and FB23 wall mount enclosures. To find out more, give us a call at 951-801-5780 or email us at sales@fibersavvy.com.

24 Single Fusion Fiber Splice Tray

Compatible with Fiber Savvy FB23 Fiber Patch Panels and Wall Mount Enclosures

The Fiber Savvy FB25-3997STA24S Aluminum 24 single fiber splice tray providing protection and organization to fiber splices. 0.5"x7.75"x6"


  • 16 Mechanical splice capacity.
  • 24 Single fusion splice capacity.
  • 96 Mass fusion splice capacity.
  • Adhesive backed fiber insert holders and assorted cable ties included.
  • Provides protection and organization for fiber splices.

Splice Capacity

Single Fusion
24 splices
16 splices
Mass Fusion
96 splices



Physical Properties


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