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    1U Network Rack Surge Protector

    Fiber Savvy's 1U Network Rack Surge Protectors are designed to protect your networking equipment from power surges. This product has over 912 joules of surge protection and 330 volts of clamping voltage. The importance of this product is to protect your network from dangerous power surges and spikes.

    The value of this product is that it provides fantastic surge protection while reducing the size of the networking rack. This surge protector is 1U in height and also comes equipped with an excellent safety mechanism to prevent children from accidentally receiving an electric shock.


    • Over 900 Joules of surge protection from 8 superior metal oxide varistors(MOVs)
    • 330V clamping voltage(UL 1449)
    • RJ11 and RJ45 jacks that provide surge protection and EM/RFI filtration for telephone and network devices
    • Push button reset for circuit breaker
    • Two "always hot" power receptacles
    • Main power switch to turn IEC outlets on and off
    • Specially designed brackets for neatly tying up excess cables and preventing accidental unplugging of power cords

    Additional Information

    Rackmount Accessories

    Fiber Savvy carries a wide range of top quality server rack accessories for any server rack, network rack, or data center application. Other items can integrate into your rack or cabinet to maximize space and convenience. Power Strips can protect electronic devices by shutting off power when overloaded by a power spikes. keyboard and monitor shelves can eliminate the need for a separate adjacent work station. Casters and anchors can aid in mobility or stability, respectively. So if you are looking for accessories for your rack server, network, or electronics facilities, your in the right place.

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