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    Angled Overhang 45° with 1/4" Hole - 100pc Box

    Fiber Savvy's Angled Overhang 45° with 1/4" Hole is for suspending ceiling wire and jack chains. This product will Keep your electrical wires and networking cables secure with our Angled Overhang Hanger. It not only makes your networking installation safer, but also keeps cables organized and tidy for maintenance technicians. The threaded and non-threaded holes accommodate threaded rods and eye lag screws.

    Product Quality

    This angled overhang hanger works well with our line of J-Hooks and other cable management solutions. Use for overhead routing and management of CAT5, CAT6 or Fiber Optic cable.


    • High quality all steel construction
    • Powder actuated
    • Hammer on installation
    • 1/4" hole will accommodate j-hooks, s-hooks, jack chain or ceiling wire
    • Works well with eye lag screws and pressed beam clamps


    • Vertical overhangs
    • Eye lag screws
    • Threaded rods
    • Pressed beam clamps


    Size CAT 5e CAT 6 Standard CCP 90° CCP Batwing CCP
    1" Size 16 30 Cables 15 Cables JH-3489-16C JH-3487-16AC JH-3486-16CW
    2" Size 32 80 Cables 50 Cables JH-2959-32C JH-2977-32AC JH-2960-32CW
    3" Size 48 160 Cables 100 Cables JH-2978-48C JH-3488-48AC JH-2979-48CW

    What's In the Box

    • (1) - 45° Angled Overhang Hanger with 1/4" Hole - 100pcs Box