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    1/8"-1/4" Hammer-On Beam Flange Clip with 1/4" Hole

    Fiber Savvy's Hammer-On Beam Flange Clip attach J-Hooks and other hanging hardware from beams that have 1/8"-1/4" flanges. This Hammer-On Beam Clip provides a 'portable' 1/4" Hole for overhead routing and management of CAT5, CAT6 or Fiber Optic cable.


    • Used for hanging hardware from beams with flanges between 1/8” and 1/4" thick
    • 1/4" hole will accommodate j-hooks, s-hooks, jack chain or ceiling wire
    • Made of high quality spring steel


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    Additional Info

    When overhead cable management is required to suspend and route your cable from purlin or beams, our J-Hooks & Hanging Hardware provide a simple, inexpensive and convenient solution. Whether you're hanging from wood, sheet metal, purlin, beams or i-beam flanges, Fiber Savvy has what you need.

    What's In the Box

    • (1) - 1/4" Hammer-On Beam Flange Clip with 1/4" Hole - 100pcs Box