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    2" Eye Lag Screw 1/4" Hole 100pc box

    Fiber Savvy's 2" Eye Lag Screws have a 1/4" Eye Hole, this screw is intended for sheet metal installations of J-Hooks, hanging ceiling wire & jack chain, threaded rod or s-hooks. This screw is designed as a efficient, secure and cost-effective solution for drilling into sheet metal surfaces.

    Product Quality

    These Self-Tap Eye Lag Screws are easily installed by using the 12" or 18" Xtender Pole and Eye Lag Driver Adapter also available from Fiber Savvy. We've got everything you need for your overhead cable routing and management solution.


    • High quality all steel construction
    • 3/4" threaded length
    • 1/4" plain hole for j-hooks, s-hooks, jack chain, wire, etc


    Download Spec Sheet

    Available Tension Loads for Eye-Lag Screws Installed in Steel Deck Panels (lbf)1,2

    Fastener Type Minimum Design Base Metal Thickness (Inch)
    0.030 0.036 0.047 0.062
    Allowable Strength (ASD)
    750 SD
    175 SD
    82 125 176 229
    Design Strength (LRFD)
    750 SD
    175 SD
    131 201 281 366

    For SI: 1 inch=25.4 mm, 1 lbf=4.4 N, 1 ksi=6.895 MPa.

    1 The table allowable load values are for the screws only, based on fastener strength and pullout capacity. Ceiling wire capacity is outside the scope of this report. Deck capacity is aso outside of this report.
    2 Values are based on installation into steel having a minimum tensile strength, Fu, of 45 ksi.

    Additional Info

    When overhead cable management is required to suspend and route your cable from purlin or beams, our J-Hooks & Hanging Hardware provide a simple, inexpensive and convenient solution. Whether you're hanging from wood, sheet metal, purlin, beams or i-beam flanges, Fiber Savvy has what you need.

    What's In the Box

    • (100) - 2" Eye Lag Screws, Self-Tapping 1/4" Hole & 3/4" Thread