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    The SCOOP™ Single-Gang Reversible Low-Voltage Entrance Hood

    Fiber Savvy's Single-Gang reversible Low-Voltage Entrance Hood is designed to be installed facing inside or out for protecting low voltage cables as they pass through a wall. We carry several different options of entry/exit plates, constructed from high grade quality materials suitable for professional and home use.


    • Reversible for installation versatility – Use it facing IN or OUT!
    • Offers both cable protection and good looks
    • Best way to cover existing cable
    • Non-rusting, paintable plastic
    • Versatile, easy to use
    • UL Listed


    Single Gang

    The SCOOP™ Single-Gang Reversible Cable Entrance Hood
    Gangs: Color:
    Single White & Black


    Dimension "A" Dimension "B" Dimension "C"
    1.450 4.112 1.708

    Installation Instructions:


    Package Content:

    1 - THE SCOOP™ Reversible Non-Metallic Cable Entrance Plates for Existing Cable
    2 - Color Matching #6 Screws