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    Outside Bend Radius Cable Ladder Rack

    Fiber Savvy's Outside Bend Cable Ladder Rack is designed to raise or lower cable runs safely according to proper bend radius guidelines. A ladder rack system is a series of sections such as straight, radius bends, e-bends, and are designed to be adaptable, easy to install, and accommodate different room layouts.

    Product Quality

    This product is manufactured by DAMAC products who ensures you will receive a authentic product that is constructed from quality materials and craftsmanship. DAMAC Cable runway is made from tubular steel which is light weight and provides superior strength.


    • Build Your Own Cable Management System - We offer a wide variety of DAMAC Ladder Racks and accessories to offer you total freedom to customize and build around any obstacle for any situation.
    • Keep Cables Safe - These Runways are sturdy and will prevent cables from getting tangled or kinked.
    • Easy Access to Equipment - By utilizing runways it provides you with easier access to equipment by routing cables above and away from equipment.
    • Stay Organized - Organizing and protecting your connections is essential for maintaining a efficient network station.
    • Made in the U.S.A. - All DAMAC products are manufactured and distributed right out of La Mirada California.


    Width Thickness Bend Radius Color / Finish Weight
    12" 1.50" R = 12.50" Black Powder Coat 8 lbs. (12")
    18" 1.50" R = 12.50" Black Powder Coat 11 lbs. (18")

    12" Outside Bend Radius:

    Download Spec Sheet

    18" Outside Bend Radius:

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    Additional Information

    This product is part of a line that is ideal for data center applications. The diagram below shows how these products can work together to form a complete system.

    Data Center Example Setup

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