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    Cable Ladder Rack Angled Splice Kit

    Fiber Savvy's Cable Ladder Rack Angled Splice Kit is used to splice a cable ladder rack run by 45 or 90-degree angles. This kit provides a smooth transition to cables without bending or kinking them. Splice kits give freedom and versatility when customizing a layout for a data center. This kit includes two 45 or 90-degree splice brackets and all hardware is included.

    Product Quality

    This product is manufactured by DAMAC products, DAMAC has a reputation for providing excellent data center infrastructure equipment.

    Durability & Strength

    Fiber Savvy's Cable Ladder Rack Splice Kits are constructed from quality materials, providing great durability and strength for a long service life.

    Below is an example of how this product is used.

    Cable Ladder Rack Angled Splice Kit Cable Ladder Rack Angled Splice Kit


    • Use to connect two runway stringers together.
    • Angles Ladder racks at 90° or 45° .
    • The material is made out of structural steel
    • Black Powder Coat Finish
    • Damac manufactures and distributes all of it's products out of La Mirada, California.


    Sizes (L & W) Shipping Weight Color / Finish Material
    1.5" x 5.0" (Standard) 2 lbs Black Epoxy Powder Coat steel

    Download Spec Sheet

    90 Degree:

    Download Spec Sheet

    Additional Information

    This product is part of a line that is ideal for data center applications. The diagram below shows how these products can work together to form a complete system.

    Data Center Example Setup

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    What's in the Box?

    • Qty 2 - Runway Extenders
    • Qty 2 - Split Lock Washers
    • Qty 2 - Carriage Bolts
    • Qty 2 - Hex Nuts