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    The LOOP™ Cable Support

    Fiber Savvy's LOOP™ Cable Support system is a low-cost alternative to traditional J-hooks and cable trays. This product is for use with beam clamps in new and existing construction, constructed from a flexible non-metallic material. The LOOP™ is a wire hanger that elevates and contains your communications cable without any bending, sagging or damage.

    Product Quality

    This product is perfect for fiber optic and CAT cables, these cable loops can be mounted parallel or perpendicular to the beam, and they can be stacked to maximize space.


    • Fast and easy to use – cheaper than cable trays
    • Single or multiple LOOP hangers mount in a variety of ways and rotate to any angle
    • UL/CSA Listed for environmental air handling spaces per 2008 NEC code requirements 300-22(c).
    • Versatile mounting — rotates to any angle!
    • TL25 holds the same amount of cable as a J-hook, at half the cost!
    • Flexible and non-metallic
    • Sizes/Cable Holding Capacity:
      • 2" TL20 holds a 2" bundle about 60 CAT 5E Cables
      • 2.5" TL25 holds a 2.5" bundle about 100 CAT 5E Cables
      • 5" TL50 holds a 5" bundle about 300 CAT 5E Cables

    Package Content:

    1 - The No-Hassle, Low-Cost THE LOOP™ Cable Hanger