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Item #: TVBR505K
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    Two-Gang Recessed TV Box™ Kit - Power & Cable Entry Box

    Fiber Savvy's Recessed Two-Gang TV Box™ Kit is for power and low voltage cable. This kit can be installed in new or existing construction and is a non-metallic, recessed combo box for power and low voltage for class 2 wiring of satellite or cable TV, speakers, and more.

    This box utilizes the easy to use mounting wings and a textured/printable Trim Plate that covers the edges of the cut wall surface for a professional finish. This kit includes one 2 port power outlet and one low voltage SCOOP™ series entrance hoods and plates.


    • Two-Gang Recessed combo box allows you to mount LCD/plasma TVs and other system components flush against the wall
    • For new work...Use supplied screws to install on stud. For convenience, box positioning tabs are set for 1/2" or 5/8" drywall
    • Trim plate is textured/paintable and covers edges of cut wall surface
    • Mounting wings hold bracket securely against wall when screws are tightened
    • For walls up to 1-1/2" thick
    • Use with The SCOOP™ series entrance hoods and plates

    Installation Instructions:

    Low Voltage Box Instructions
    Installation Instructions are shown with the 3-gang (TVU507)

    What's in the box

    (1) Recessed Combo Box
    (1) CEDH1 SCOOP™
    (1) CED130 SCOOP™
    (1) UL-Listed Duplex Receptacle
    (1) Wall Plate