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    Plastic Wire and Cable Bushing for class 2 wire

    Fiber Savvy's plastic wire and cable bushings for class 2 wire provide an easy to use, smooth insertion of the cable through drywall. This product is used to protect both wires and the surfaces they pass through.

    Product Quality

    When running low voltage data or speaker cable through a wall, there are many things that can go wrong. Not only do you want a clean aesthetically pleasing look, but you also want to protect the cabling from abrasive drywall edges, and the drywall from splitting. These Arlington Industries plastic wire bushings solve all of these concerns at once.


    • Available in 4 common sizes that can be easily drilled with a drill or hole saw
    • Clean white finish compliments most applications but can be painted to match your walls or trimming
    • Simple DIY installation can be achieved using a set of pliers to twist and secure the grommet in place
    • Provides a great-looking job and easy, smooth insertion of a cable through a wall
    • Quick installation with a drill bit or a hole saw
    • Easy entry and exit of low voltage cable or speaker wire through a wall
    • An attractive way to finish cut edges


    Plastic Wire and Cable Bushings
    Item Number DIM A DIM B DIM C DIM D DIM E
    NPNB-WB500 .500 .750 .281 .875 .400
    NPNB-WB875 .875 .750 .281 1.250 .750
    NPNB-WB112 1.125 .750 .281 1.500 1.000
    NPNB-WB200 2.000 .750 .281 2.500 1.875

    What's in the Box

    1 - Plastic Wire Bushings for Class 2 Wire - White