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    Concrete Floor Mounting Kit with 5/8" Bolts and Hardware

    Fiber Savvy's Equipment Rack Concrete Floor Mounting Kits are used to secure a Two Post or Four Post Network Rack to a floor. This kit includes washers, ensuring that the network rack has a flush and secure fit to the floor. This kit secures your network rack preventing it from moving.

    Product Quality

    This product is manufactured by DAMAC products, DAMAC has a reputation for providing excellent data center infrastructure equipment.

    Durability & Strength

    Fiber Savvy's Equipment Rack Mounting Kits are manufactured from a carbon steel construction, producing a high-quality Zinc finish with excellent stability.


    • Lock Washers - these washers are split at one point and bent into a helical shape. This causes the washer to exert a spring force creating more friction and resistance for rotation.
    • Drop-in anchors - consists of a zinc plated steel tubular expansion shield and a solid, cone-shaped expander plug. These anchors are internally threaded assuring easy and safe fastening.
    • Superior Manufacturing - The carbon steel construction is manufactured in the U.S.A and produces a high-quality Zinc finish with excellent dimensional stability.


    Size Color/Finish
    5/8" Zinc"

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    Additional Information

    Rack Bracing and Mounting Accessories

    Add Stability to your network with Fiber Savvy’s Bracing and Mounting Kits, for 2 and 4 Post server racks. These kits are some of the handiest bracing systems. It not only secures racks to walls and floors but also provides a measure of earthquake safety, keeping network equipment from falling over. These kits have the ability to create a 4 post rack from two 2 post racks. DAMAC's Concrete Floor Mounting Kits can be combined with a wide array of products such as:

    What's in the Box?

    • Qty 4 - Bolt, Hex, 5/8-11 x 3 Hex Head, Zinc
    • Qty 4 - Anchor, Drop-In, 5/8-11 Zinc
    • Qty 4 - Washer, SAE Flat, 5/8" Zinc
    • Qty 4 - Washer, Lock, 5/8 Zinc