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    Roof Flashing Neoprene

    Fiber Savvy's Roof Flashing Neoprene is used to prevent water from seeping through a roof, this is for use with copper, cast iron, galvanized, or plastic pipe. Constructed from non-fading, non-cracking, rigid black thermoplastic for a roof pitch of 0-45 degrees or up to a 12/12 roof. The flashings have a self-sealing collar, which slides over pipe tight and easily.

    This product does not require caulking and is not for hot-mopped or built-up roofs. Rated for 180-degree continuous heat-type B approved. Do not apply petroleum or paint product to the flashing. Available in multiple sizes.


    Part Number Trade Size Dim A Dim B
    NPNB-634 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" 9.000 11.500
    NPNB-635 2" 9.000 11.500
    NPNB-636 2-1/2" 9.000 11.500
    NPNB-676 3" 10.000 13.500
    NPNB-6369 4" 11.500 14.000


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    1 - Roof Flashing All neoprene. Black, one-piece design.