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Item #: FER102
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    Dual-Gang End Box - Retrofit

    Fiber Savvy's Dual-Gang End Box is constructed with a snap-together design that allows for an easy way to scale up or down your gang box needs. The Snap Together design works by having interchangeable pieces such as removable centerpieces that can be added or subtracted to increase or decrease box gang size. The mounting wing screws hold the box securely against the wall.


    • Use a screwdriver to disassemble or separate the parts. Add or remove the center section(s), then snap the pieces back together... fast and easy!
    • Great-looking installation of multiple gang boxes
    • box mounts with the use of the mounting wings
    • For Retrofit / Old Work
    • UL Listed

    What's in the box

    1 - Gangable Non-Metallic/Plastic Dual-Gang End Box w/ Mounting Wing Screws (Retrofit/Old Work)