Patch Panel for Networking Room

Optimization and Management of Fiber-Optic Patch Cable

Fiber-Optic patch cable has become one of the fastest modes of transmission. Therefore, with the ever-increasing popularity of fiber cables, the need to retain an efficient and systemized enclosure has become quintessential. The Fiber Patch Panel allows the user, in workplace or home environments, to maintain an organized space to distribute fiber cable and maximize productivity of the network. 

The Fiber Patch Panel

The Fiber Distribution Panel, commonly recognized as the Fiber Patch Panel, methodically feeds the fiber to the correct channel, all while remaining in a centralized area. Fiber Patch Panels vary in size depending on the particular demands of the individual and/or company. In order to further adhere and cater to specific requirements, we provide wall mount and rack mount variations of Patch Panels.

The Wall Mount vs. The Rack Mount

The Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panel provides a secure structure for housing fiber and has the ability to hold a large number of fiber cables. We offer various Patch Panels that accommodate different numbers of fibers depending on what your project demands. In order to protect your network, we also offer Added Security Wall Mount Patch Panels that are steel and lockable.


The Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel has similar functions to the wall mount, with the ability to hold numerous fiber cables and provide an effortless means of distribution in an orderly way, but has a different look and layout. The Rack Mount Distribution Unit is typically smaller and intended to be detached from the wall, allowing the rack mount to be placed more strategically within an area.


Rack Mount Patch Panel

Both the Wall Mount Patch Panels and the Rack Mount Patch Panels offer advantages over the other depending on the need of the user. There is more than just style and layout to consider when choosing a style of Patch Panel.

Consider All Aspects

There are multiple variations of Patch Panels that can be utilized for the different needs of the installers who may be using them. But beyond choosing the specific type, there are other variations within the patch panel that need to be considered. For instance, loaded Patch Panels come with all the essentials needed to complete the installation, whereas unloaded Patch Panels are able to be customized and do not rely on the panel operating as a whole. Additionally, size is another important factor to consider to be sure that your chosen Patch Panel will accommodate all of the fibers in your network.

To Conclude

The Fiber Patch Panel enables seamless operation of fiber networks regardless of size or capacity through the array of options that we offer on the Fiber Savvy website. When implementing fiber-optic patch cables into a company and/or home, the fiber patch panel will optimize the space the fiber is being placed and will also allow one to manage the fiber cable with ease.

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