AFL 130 years of business in the cable industry and one of the oldest manufacturers in Japan for telecommunications cables.
AFL Fiber Cables. AFL offers many different types of fiber optic cable. Such as tight buffered cable and armored fiber optic cable. As well as in many variations per cable type.
AFL Fiber Patch Panels
AFL Fiber Fusion Splicing connectors. AFL's FUSEConnect MPO fusion-spliced, field-terminated connectors are uniquely designed and feature just six components. This makes termination easier and reduces operator error.


About AFL

AFL (America Fujikura Ltd.) was formed on November 28, 1984, by Alcoa Securities Corporation (ASC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), and Fujikura Ltd., a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Japan. AFL was created to manufacture fiber optic ground wire (entrance cables for sale to the public utility industry) at its Duncan, SC, facility. In 2005, Fujikura assumed 100% ownership of AFL and moved AFL's headquarters to Duncan, SC.

As a subsidiary of Fujikura, AFL is now part of a company with a long history and record of success in the communications industry. Fujikura has been in business over 130 years and is one of the oldest manufacturers of cables and wires in Japan. Throughout Fujikura's history, telecommunications has been a core business making significant contributions to Fujikura’s growth.

In 1869, the first cable installation was completed between a lighthouse and a courthouse for a telegraph station in Yokohama City, Japan. Approximately seven years later, the first electric lights were powered by electricity in Japan.

Fujikura's long history started at almost the same time as the origin of the telegraph and electricity. The history of Japanese cable also began with Fujikura over 130 years ago.

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