Why Use Broadcast Fiber Optic Cable?

Broadcast Fiber Cable With advances such as HD video and multi-channel audio in the broadcasting market, greater demands are being put on data transmission systems. Fiber optic technology, with its ability to deliver digital, high-bandwidth, and low signal loss data streams is ideally suited to cope with these needs. To accommodate these growing needs, Fiber Savvy offers a range of fiber optic broadcast products that are specifically designed to withstand the challenges for real-time transmission of high definition broadcast signals.

The fiber broadcast solution starts with tough fiber optic cables. Fiber Savvy has stadium and arena cables that are optimized to withstand the rigors of difficult cable pulls, high tensile loading and severe crush occurrences and can repeatedly endure the abuse associated with the extreme demands in rapid deployment and retrieval applications. Where standard fiber optic cables are likely to fail, broadcast cables are particularly well-suited to the harsh environment associated with outside field broadcast applications.

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What Are Deployable Broadcast Communications?

With today's broadcast applications often extending across multiple locations, and high-bandwidth signal transport requirements becoming the norm, broadcasters are increasingly looking at fiber optic systems as a more efficient and reliable way to manage signal transport.

Fiber optic broadcast products address the transmission of quality audio and video signals, and are particularly well-suited to the harsh environment of deployable applications where delicate standard fiber optic systems would be likely to fail. Our flexible solutions are available for a range of deployable applications including post production, satellite and cable facilities, telecommunications, outside/truck-based broadcasting — anywhere that reliable video and audio transmission is required.

Deployable Broadcast

How Do Stadium Broadcast Communications Work?

Advances such as high-definition video and multi-channel audio have created a greater demand on broadcaster's data transmission systems that are magnified when faced with stadium, arena and remote location environments. Fiber optic technology, with its ability to deliver digital, high-bandwidth and low signal loss data streams is ideally suited to cope with these needs.

Ruggedized multi-channel connectors and cable assemblies, stored on lightweight stackable MARS reels, can easily be deployed to transmit reliable HD signals in the most extreme environments. Hermaphroditic connectors allow the cable assemblies to be daisy-chained together, making it simple to locate cameras further away from the operations center thus capturing the action from many angles. Power and/or controls for the cameras may be supplied using composite connectors and cable options that add electrical capabilities to the optical fiber cable.

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Where Do Studio Broadcast Solutions Make Sense?

There are only a handful of industries that feel the impact of rapid technology changes as much as the broadcast industry. Vastly increased bandwidth requirements of HD, 3D and other high quality video and audio signals require higher data rates. Reliable, high performance cabling and connectivity has never been more important in this industry. Studio broadcast products can play a major role in improving reliability, reducing costs and enhancing the workflow of digital studio production configurations.

Deployable Broadcast
Broadcast Breakout Fiber
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OCC's breakout field broadcast cables feature a rugged cable design with individual subcables for optimum fiber protection. This deployable cable is ideal for use in harsh environments where repeated deployment and retrieval for reuse are required.

Each breakout field broadcast cable is crush resistant and resilient, with two separate layers or aramid strength members in the subcables for individual single-fiber connector and termination pin, and overall for termination to multiway connector backshells or other housings.

Broadcast Cable Reel
MARS Deployable Cable Reels

OCC's Modular Advanced Reel System, or MARS™, is the industry's first lightweight cable deployment reel system designed specifically for the demanding needs of harsh-environment fiber optic installations. Unlike traditional metal-style reels, MARS is a lightweight, durable system constructed of a high impact glass enforced polymer that is easily transported and is ideal for applications where cable needs to be deployed and reeled in quickly and stored efficiently.

MHC II Connectors
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OCC's MHC® II is designed specifically to inter-connect fiber optic channels in a small, yet effective, package. Using a bayonet-style, mechanical coupling interface, the connector is easily mated by a simple twisting motion. The MHC II fiber optic connector features both pin and socket configurations to accommodate a number of fiber types and is available in two, four, six and eight channel versions.

EZ-MATE Connectors
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The OCC EZ-MATE family of hermaphroditicstyle fiber optic connectors provides a comprehensive connectivity solution for deployable or mobilized communications systems. Based on the hermaphroditic design, EZ-MATE connectors allow for quick deployment and gender-independent connectivity, permitting the end user to unreel fiber cable without regard for male or female ends.