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OSP Dry Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable

OSP Fiber, or on-site plant fiber, is designed to withstand the harshest outdoor environments including, direct burial applications. This dry loose tube fiber cable is composed of one to six sub-units, water blocking yarn, dielectric strength material, an aramid ripcord, and a PVC outer jacket. Each sub-unit consists of 12 colored glass fibers and water swell-able yarn with a PVC jacket 3mm in diameter. All component materials meet the EU RoHS and REACH Directive standards. With a wide variety of strand counts ranging from 12 to 144 strands, Fiber Savvy can help you find the right OSP Fiber for any application.

The most proven fiber optic cable technology for long-term reliability outdoors is the loose tube. This type of cable protects the fiber from stresses caused by the environment, namely moisture and temperature. Loose-tube cables, whether flooded under the jacket or water-blocked with dry, swellable materials, protect the fibers from moisture and the long-term degradation moisture can cause.

Overall, OSP dry loose tube fiber optic cables offer the best protection in an outdoor environment, especially in the less-sheltered applications involving aerial or direct-buried installations. The loose-tube design isolates the fibers from outside environmental and mechanical stresses. The optical performance is virtually unchanged as the cable is exposed to the elements. Telcordia Technologies, BICSI, RUS (Rural Utility Service), and the telco and cable TV markets support this design.

Loose tube cores are best-suited for armored applications, double-jacketing for more severe environments, and in figure-eight and all-dielectric self-supporting designs. Tight buffered designs often do not have anti-buckling elements and do not decouple the fiber from extreme stresses, such as the material contractions that are experienced at extremely cold temperatures. This is why loose tube cables are so widely accepted for use in outdoor environments.

Fiber Savvy now offers OSP Dry Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable in Armored or Non-Armored options.

OSP Outdoor Dry Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable, Armored, Single Mode OS2, All Dielectric. Available in Fiber Strand Counts: 12, 24, 48, 72, 96, 144


OSP Outdoor Dry Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable, Non-Armored, Single Mode OS2, All Dielectric. 

Available in Fiber Strand Counts: 12, 24, 48, 72, 96, 144


Osp dry loose tube

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