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Adhesive Backed Cable HolderAdhesive Backed Cable Holders - 9 Pack
NPNB-0300-1-003-00 Adhesive Backed Cable Holders - 9 PackKendall Howard
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Wedge Clamps for Aerial Cables, Multiple Sizes AvailableAluminum Wedge Clamp For Aerial Cable
From $11.78
WC-6755-26 Aluminum Wedge Clamp For Aerial CableFiber Savvy
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Non-metallic ™D™ Ring, BlackCable 'D' Ring
From $1.89
D22 Cable 'D' RingArlington
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Corrosion-Resistant Galvanized Steel _™ DR Series Drive Rings Supports Wire Runs on Walls, Studs, RaftersCable Drive Ring, Corrosion-Resistant
The SPACER™ Nail-On & Screw-On Non-Metalic Cable SpacerCable Spacer
From $0.38
CS14 Cable SpacerArlington
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Cable Standoff Mounts on Metal or Wood Studs, BlackCable Standoff Mount
CS6 Cable Standoff MountArlington
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2.5™ (2 1/2") Plastic Snap-in Bushings BlackCable Standoff Mount
CS4 Cable Standoff MountArlington
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Non-metallic Cable Standoff w/Lock, BlackCable Standoff w/Lock
PP6-4958-CS7 Cable Standoff w/LockArlington
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Magnetic Cable Holder PipeMagnetic Cable Holder Pipe
From $18.15
NPNB-62423-10 Magnetic Cable Holder PipeMag Daddy
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Magnetic Cable HoldersMagnetic Cable Holders
From $17.40
NPNB-62409-10 Magnetic Cable HoldersMag Daddy
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Metal Distribution D RingMetal Distribution D Ring
From $3
DR-7204-M2 Metal Distribution D RingFiber Savvy
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Plastic Distribution D Ring
From $2.08
NPNB-DST-200-P Plastic Distribution D RingFiber Savvy
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Non-Metallic Split Insulating Bushings for EMT/Rigid Conduit - WhitePlastic Split Insulating Bushing for EMT
White Spiral Cable Zip WrapSpiral Cable Zip Wrap
From $3.50
NPNB-220751BKSC Spiral Cable Zip WrapFiber Savvy
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Split D-Ring, Plastic
2" The No-Hassle, Low-Cost THE LOOP™ Cable HangerThe LOOP™ Cable Support
From $0.62
TL20 The LOOP™ Cable SupportArlington
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