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What began as an idea in the spring of 2000 has shaped and changed the way companies and installers look at IT Furniture, Server Racks, and Rack Accessories. With a commitment to exceeding their customer's expectations Kendall Howard began by listening to what Installers, IT Managers, and Network Engineers were saying about racks and IT Furniture.

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Network Rack, Cable Cove Open Frame, 2 Post, 41U
Retail: $333.00
Price: $286.89
Availability: In Stock
Item #: TR-K8-3330-41U -

    Cable Cove 2-Post Rack The Kendall Howard 2-Post Cable Cove Rack is the perfect relay rack for high-density network and telecom installations! The 1,200 lb. weight capacity and 4" vertical cable channels can handle just about any network large or small. So load it up with servers, UPS's, rack shelves, patch panels, switches, and more. The Kendall Howard Cable Cove Rack is ready for the challenge! Two 4" internal vertical cable channels 1,200 lb. weight capacity Base capable of anchoring to...

    Network Rack, Wall Mount Brackets
    Price: $105.11-$141.62
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: WR-K10-333#-### -

      Wall Mount Rack The Kendall Howard 8U & 12U Wall Mount Racks were the first of its kind! It did not take long for this rack to become the standard that all wall mount racks are measured against. The two-piece design offers unlimited flexibility. This innovative design can adjust to any width so it can house either 19" EIA or 23" EIA rackmount equipment. The generous 18" depth has enough room for cables, switches, routers, and so much more. Whether you are mounting it under a desk, on a wall,...

      6U Hinged Wall Mount Bracket
      Retail: $66.00
      Price: $56.86
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: WR-K10-3347-6U -

        6U Hinged Wall Mount BracketKendall Howard Patch Panel Brackets make mounting Patch Panels or shallow equipment simple and easy. When there is no need for a wall mount rack or cabinet, Patch Panel Brackets are a great low-cost alternative. The unique hinged design allows installed equipment to swing to the left or right 180 degrees for convenient access to the back. These hinged wall mount systems are a fantastic alternative to larger, more expensive solutions that end up wasting space....

        V-Line 12" Deep Open Frame Wall Mount Network Rack
        Price: $99.94-$134.40
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: WR-K10-33##-VL -

          V-Line Open-Frame Fixed Wall Mount RackThe Kendall Howard Deep V-Line Wall Mount Rack is the perfect low-cost solution for IT installers and A/V technicians to use on a daily basis. Its open frame design makes the rack easy to assemble and install, while its durability makes this rack reliable for years to come. For a simple and dependable open frame solution, check out the Deep V-Line Wall Mount Rack. 12" usable depth Cage Nut or 10-32 Tapped Rails Self-squaring design Made in the USA Limited...

          Network Rack, Component Shelf, 4 Post, 20” Depth
          Retail: $72.00
          Price: $62.03
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: PR-K6-3369-20 -

            Fixed Rack Shelf The Kendall Howard Full 20" Fixed Rack Shelf is one heavy duty shelf! It has the capacity to hold up to 300 lbs. of equipment and can be mounted on both the front and rear rails for maximum strength. The 20” Fixed Rack Shelf was designed to complement our Portable Modular Rack Systems. The solid, 4-point shelf is perfect for supporting non-rack mountable IT equipment such as UPS’s, battery backups, servers, routers, hubs, and more. Fixed 20" mounting depth Low profile design...

            Network Rack, Open Frame Wall Mount, Side-Loading, 12U
            Retail: $323.00
            Price: $278.28
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: WR-K10-3337-12M -

              12U Side-Load Wall Mount RackThe Kendall Howard Side Load Wall Mount Rack is an open frame rack with a twist...literally. The rack mounts sideways allowing you to install equipment from side to side. This innovative concept not only allows you to install deeper equipment than most other wall mount racks, but you also have clear and easy access to the front and rear of the devices. With a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs., this side loading wall rack is a great solution for servers, battery...

              D-Ring Cable Manager, 1U, 5D Rings, Two-Position, Toolless
              Price: $18.09-$23.26
              Availability: In Stock
              Item #: RP-K12-####-DR -

                D-Ring Cable Manager Fiber Savvy's D-Ring Cable Manager provides a large supported area to organize and route cable bundles in 2-post racks, wall mount racks, server racks, and more. The seven large routing holes provide the support you need to run cables from the back of the rack to the front. This Cable manager can be mounted in two different positions, maximizing your cable management options. Face the D-rings toward the front of the rack to easily manage and support patch cables, or face...

                Network Rack, Locking Drawer, 2U
                Price: $130.09-$153.35
                Availability: In Stock
                Item #: RS-K13-####-LD -

                  Rackmount Drawers The Kendall Howard Rack Mountable Drawers provide a secure space within your rack or cabinet for storing files, electronics, software, cables, testers, and more. By storing equipment within the rack, you'll save time running back and forth to retrieve it. Kendall Howard Rackmount Drawers include a built-in lock and have a maximum load capacity of 100 lbs. The locking drawer will ensure your peripherals are protected from damage or unauthorized tampering. 100 lb. weight...

                  Network Rack, Sliding Shelf, 1U, 4 Post, 20” Depth
                  Price: $104.25-$117.17
                  Availability: In Stock
                  Item #: RS-K13-####-20 -

                    Rack Mountable Sliding Shelf Kendall Howard manufactures and stocks two models of our sliding rack shelves (solid and vented), each holding up to a 100 lbs. The Rack Mountable Sliding Shelf is perfect for servers, keyboards, KVM's, switches, or any other component that you want the ability to slide out, either for convenience or to access the back of the equipment. The built-in front lip makes sliding the shelf in and out easy, and the 4-point adjustable mounting makes this sliding rack shelf...

                    Network Rack, Computer Tower CPU Bracket, 4.25” Wide
                    Price: $49.97-$60.31
                    Availability: In Stock
                    Item #: RS-K13-####-CPU -

                      Wall-Mount Computer Tower Case / CPU Bracket Kendall Howard's Wall Mount CPU Brackets are designed to get the computer off the floor or desktop. Computers located on the floor are in continual danger of being jostled or kicked, and also create difficulty when accessing drives, ports, and card readers. But the desk is not always the best spot for this equipment either. Desktop computers and PCs located on desks take up valuable workspace, create a cluttered and unorganized look, and run the...

                      Network Rack, Keyboard Tray, 1U, 2 Post
                      Price: $192.98-$224.00
                      Availability: In Stock
                      Item #: RS-K13-####-KT -

                        1U Rackmount Keyboard Tray Commercial, military, aerospace, corporate, and small office applications alike, the Kendall Howard Rackmount Keyboard Tray will complement them all. This heavy duty design is one of the most robust pull-out keyboard trays on the market. Don't be fooled by its sleek, low profile appearance. This keyboard tray was built to last. The keyboard and touchpad mouse simply slide out when needed to provide quick and easy access to your network. Slim 1U design Lockable 2-post...

                        Network Rack, Phantom Class Swing-Out Open Frame Wall Mount, 12U
                        Price: $217.11-$242.95
                        Availability: In Stock
                        Item #: WR-K10-####-PC -

                          12U Phantom Class® Open Frame Swing-Out RackThe Phantom Class® Open Frame Swing-Out Rack is truly in a class of its own. The unrivaled quality allows you to install rackmount equipment up off the floor, and it can easily support up to 150 lbs. The 90 degree swing-out provides installers the access they need to install and manage Fiber Patch Panels , routers, hubs, switches , cabling, and other networking devices. One set of 10-32 tapped rails 150 lb. weight capacity 20" usable mounting depth...