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    Corning UniCam Connector High-Performance Installation Tool Kit

    Corning Cable Systems Tool Kits provide the cable installer with a collection of essential tools needed for all tasks associated with the installation, maintenance and termination of fiber optic cable. The tools used in the kits are thoughtfully assembled and are stored in rugged, compact cases that carry like a briefcase. The cases are engineered to keep the high-quality tools safe, neat and in proper working order.

    The main offering in installation kits is the UniCam® High-Performance Tool Kit (TKT-UNICAM-PFC). This is a carefully designed tool kit that virtually eliminates human variability from the installation process. The TKT-UNICAM-PFC includes a lightweight, handheld installation tool with an immediate go/no-go feedback signal to provide unmistakable confirmation of a successful termination. The kit’s high-performance cleaver has an integrated fiber scrap bin and a dual clamp precision hold for the field fiber, with a diamond blade to achieve a superior cleave. It can be used with multimode or single-mode LC, SC, ST® Compatible UniCam Connectors (standard- and high-performance) and is required to achieve high-performance specifications for UniCam High-Performance Single-Mode Connectors.

    Features & Benefits

    • Terminates single-mode and multimode fibers
      • Various installation options
    • Convenient carrying case
      • Minimizes setup and teardown time
    • Visual feedback signal
      • Termination confirmation
    • UniCam® Connector Flat Cleaver
      • Superior cleave performance

    General Specifications

    LC, SC and ST® Compatible

    Mechanical Specifications

    Dimensions (H x W x D)
    48.26cm x 35.56cm x 19.69cm (19in x 14in x 7.75in)
    3.9kg (8.6lb)

    Chemical Characteristics

    Free of hazardous substances according to RoHS 2002/95/EG

    What's in the Box

    • UniCam® High-Performance Installation Tool
    • Flat Fiber Cleaver
    • Crimp Tool
    • VFL Adapters in 1.25 mm and 2.50 mm
    • Gauge Card
    • Fiber Preparation Tools
    • Fiber Cleaning Tools