Simplex and Duplex Fiber-Optic Cable

Is Two Greater than One?

Fiber-optic cables come in numerous variations that are manufactured to achieve the particular objectives of an established application site. Simplex and duplex fiber-optic cables are another category of single mode and multimode fiber cable; through analyzing what differentiates simplex and duplex fiber cable, the answer should become clear when identifying which of these two types would be the lucrative choice, given one’s particular networking demands.

What is the difference between simplex and duplex?

Simplex fiber cable is designed to send or receive information through one-way transmission; simplex is ideal for information that is communicated through a digital method. The keyboard that I am utilizing to write this blog post is transmitting information to the computer through a simplex design. The keyboard functions in this precise way, intended to send information, never to receive information, whereas the computer will then always be the receiver.

Simplex fiber is the epitome of this occurrence and that is the reason as to why simplex is essentially a single-strand fiber cable with a standard structure.

SimplexVSDuplex Diagram

Duplex fiber cable is formed to send and receive information through two-way transmission. The streamlined illustration to exemplify this construct is a modern telephone. In this instance, persons talking on the phone are able to virtually communicate with one another at the exact same time without signal loss because the channel is manufactured to run two-ways.

Duplex typifies this situation and that is the reason as to why duplex has a more complex structure compared to simplex. Duplex is essentially two single strands of fiber cable that are paired and share the same jacket, allowing for signals to be sent and received, without demise, at the same time.

What is half duplex?

The example commonly implemented to demonstrate the function of half duplex fiber cable is a two-way radio or a walkie-talkie, a means of communication where the communication channel is only good one way at a time. Imagine two kids at the opposite ends of a neighborhood park, if they try to talk at the same time through their radios, there is only static, a sort of lost transmission; this is the result because only one person is meant to be heard at a given time.

Half duplex is a representation of this point.

Half-Duplex Diagram

To Conclude

With all of this in mind, choosing between simplex, duplex, and half duplex should be a bit easier in light of these numerous distinctions. Though simplex, duplex, and half duplex are all available in both single mode and multimode, there are specs that pertain to each individually; in order to optimize a fiber network, one must know the desired goal and choose the correct fiber cable accordingly; Fiber Savvy offers an abundance of options aimed achieve that goal.

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