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This product requires cage nuts and rack screws for installation into Racks, Enclosures or Cabinets.

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    2-Post Rack Conversion Kit

    The Kendall Howard Rack Conversion Kit is one of the handiest bracing systems on the market today. Not only do conversion kits anchor a 2-post rack to the wall, but they also limit the risk of the rack tipping over. If you have to move or replace the rack, the conversion kit will help keep repair costs low because patching holes typically costs significantly less than removing anchors. Whether anchoring two racks together or bracing them to the wall, the Rack Conversion Kit provides a safe and dependable solution.

    The 4-Piece Conversion Kit allows you to also upgrade any 2-post rack to a 4-post rack with an adjustable depth of 24 – 40".

    • Provides added support to a 2-post rack
    • 4-Piece Creates a 4-post rack with two 2-post racks
    • Adjustable from 20" to 35"
    • Mounting hardware not included
    • 19" EIA 310-D compliant
    • Made in the USA
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty


    • Adjustable Depth - Each support bracket can adjust from 20" to 35" deep to suit your particular installation requirements.
    • Added Support - This easy to use bracket system adds strength and stability to any 2-post Telco rack. Whether anchoring two racks together or bracing them to a wall, the Kendall Howard Conversion Kit will provide a safer, more dependable solution. The 4-piece option will convert two 2-post racks into one 4-post rack.
    • Great Cable Lacing Option - These horizontal brackets provide a great option for securing heavy and obtrusive trunk cabling up and out of the way.
    • Only Uses 2U of Space - The support braces mount directly on to the vertical rack rails with standard rack hardware. Each brace requires only 2U of rack space leaving you plenty of room for your network, A/V, and other rackmount equipment.


    Width 1"
    Depth Adjustable 20" - 35"
    Height 4"
    Weight 7.00 lbs. (2-Piece), 13.50 lbs. (4-Piece)
    Material(s) CRS (Cold Rolled Steel)
    Color/Finish Black Powder Coated Finish

    Additional Information

    Server Rack Accessories

    The 2 post rack, or relay rack is a great network organizational option when working with compact spaces. This type of server rack is free standing, and ideal for compact spaces in wiring closets, telecom rooms, and data centers. If you’re looking to establish an organized network center in your home or office, Fiber Savvy has 2 post racks in 25U, 27U, 41U, 45U, and 48U configurations. 2 post racks have a small footprint, making them the preferred choice for home office applications.

    To learn more about our 2 Post Free Standing Relay Racks please visit our overview page. Kendall Howard's Open Frame Conversion Kits can be fixed with a variety of accessories. Below is a list of just a few products that can create a more organized and custom look to meet your Networking needs.

    What's in the Box? 2-Piece Rack Conversion Kit

    • Qty 2 - Conversion Kit Left Arms
    • Qty 2 - Conversion Kit Right Arms
    • Qty 2 - Conversion Kit Center Arms
    • Qty 1 - Assembly Parts Pack

    What's in the Box? 4-Piece Rack Conversion Kit

    • Qty 4 - Conversion Kit Left Arms
    • Qty 4 - Conversion Kit Right Arms
    • Qty 4 - Conversion Kit Center Arms
    • Qty 1 - Assembly Parts Pack