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One (1) splice tray included. Additional FB25-3401STP36 splice trays sold separately.

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    Fiber Dome Closure, 288 Splice Capacity

    Compatible with Fiber Savvy Splice Tray FB25-3401STP36

    The Fiber Savvy FB23-4381-288DE dome splice closure is designed for above or below grade applications and supports up to 6 or more cable entries. The closure has a unique gasketed Split End Plate system that allows for midaccessing cable up to 1.125” in diameter. Branch or lateral cables can be added to any one of four compression seal entry ports. Multiple cables (up to 6) can also be installed utilizing multi-port grommets available for the closure. The closure requires no special tools, adhesives, or mastics for installation. Integrated slack storage and hinged trays allow for maximum storage and access of fiber and fiber bundles. Splice capacity of 288 single fusion splices using 36 fiber splice trays. Dome includes one 36 fiber splice tray, with the capacity to hold four splice trays total.


    • Completely sealed with compression seal technology.
    • Ease in installation requiring no special tools.
    • GR-771 and CATV industry compliant.
    • Mid-access design for installation over existing cables without disturbing a working cable.
    • Can be used for above or below grade applications.
    • Capacity for 8 splice trays.
    • RUS Listed.


    Splice Trays
    (8) 36 Fiber Splice Trays (1) Included

    Cable Entry

    (2) Express / Feeder
    Max. Diameter - 1.12" (28.5mm) | Min. Diameter - 0.375" (9.5mm)
    (4) Branch / Lateral
    Max. Diameter - 0.98" (24.9mm) | Min. Diameter - 0.30" (7.62mm)


    Exterior Closure Diameter
    Exterior Closure Length

    Physical Properties

    13.5 lbs
    Dome: Polyethylene
    End Plates: Glass filled polypropylene
    V-Band: Polypropylene