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Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panels

Fiber patch panels are a critical piece of the networking puzzle. Fiber patch panels, also known as fiber distribution units (FDU or Fiber FDU), offer organization and security to the cables inside. Rackmount Fiber Patch Panels are a specific type of patch panel that typically go in a server rack or on a rack in an office or data center. Patch panel termination is made possible in a centralized location with all the cables in your network with Rackmount Fiber Patch Panels. 

Design Variations 

Rackmount Patch Panels are typically stored horizontally, though they can be stored vertically, and are designed in different size variations called "Rack Units." A rack unit is 1.75 vertical inches, so a 1 RU fiber patch panel takes up 1.75" while a 2U fiber patch panel takes up 3" of server space. Check out our selection of Rackmount Patch Panels from 1U to 8.5U.

Fiber Patch Panel In UseIn addition to Rack Units, rackmount patch panels also vary in their number of adapter panels. We carry a variety of LGX Style Adapter Panels to fit with your fiber patch panels. A 1U unit can have 2 to 3 adapter panels, a 2U rack can have up to 6 adapter panels, a 4U unit can have up to 12 panels, and an 8U can have up to 24 adapter panels. LGX Adapter panels have a specific number of strands they can accommodate depending on their design, but as long as the adapter panel can fit the strands, the network patch panel will not impede the strand count. In addition, fiber rack mount patch panels have the ability to come blank or pre loaded with the adapters needed for a given project.

Because Patch Panels may need to be changed or updated, we carry slide out and swing out versions of our Rack Mount Patch Panel. Both designs offer accessibility and convenience in operating and servicing your network.  Since the connections are made via the patch panels, it eliminates the need to unplug cables from the devices and diminishes the wear and tear of ports on important networking devices. Slide Out RackMount Patch panel

Concluding Thoughts

Rackmount Patch Panels are a great option for FTTx, data center, and telecommunication networks. They can accommodate various adapter panels and strand counts depending on the size of the patch panel. If a rackmount patch panel does not fit your needs, check out our blog posts on Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panels and Outdoor Patch Panels to see which fiber patch panel types can complete your network! If you have any questions about building a network from end to end, call our knowledgable team today! 

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