Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panels

Wall Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panels 

When you are setting up a new or existing network in your home or business one of the questions you might be asking yourself is "What type of Fiber Optic Distribution Unit should I use?" and that is a great question. There are a few types of Fiber Distribution Units, each with their own advantages over the other, and in this blog we are going to break down the different types of Fiber Distribution Units, also known as FDU's, Fiber Distribution Boxes, Fiber Patch Panel and Fiber Termination Units. Check out our other blogs if you are interested in Rackmount Patch Panels or Outdoor Patch Panels. 

Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box

Specifics About Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Boxes

Wall Mount fiber patch panels are designed to be affixed onto a wall or can be adapted to be secured onto a pole. Like other patch panels, they are meant to be a network termination point while maintaining organization and security. The fiber wall mount patch panel is a convenient means of terminating connections because it can be used with fiber pigtails for splicing, or it can accommodate pre-terminated fibers with connectors by coming loaded with adapter panels. 

A fiber patch panel has an entrance point for incoming cables, a splice tray, and an exit point for split cables. The splice tray joins incoming cable with either a pigtail or a connector to continue the transmission of signal. The best connection comes from splicing the cable with a Fiber Pigtail. The other option is to use a connector and field termination.

Wall Mount Patch Panel

One advantage of wall mount fiber patch panels is the space saving aspect. Because it can be mounted on a wall, it saves space in your office or networking closet by eliminating the need for a rack or desk. All that is needed is enough space for the unit to be mounted onto the wall and for the doors to open. Some wall mount patch panels will be designed with multiple layers so installers and servicers can access specific components with ease.

Wall Mount fiber patch panels can come either loaded with pigtails or connectors, or blank so the servicer can install the necessary components individually. We also offer wall mount distribution boxes that can accommodate from 2 to 576 splices, and 2 to 144 ports. Depending on your project these patch panels can utilize LC, SC, and ST connectors in order to terminate the different fiber types. 

Concluding Thoughts

If desk or rack space is a concern, a Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panel may be just what you need to terminate your cables and safeguard your network. Each patch panel is given a rating, either for indoor or outdoor, and that can give more insight into which wall mount patch panel is right for you. With dust tight and lockable options, wall mount patch panels can protect your network from interference and the environment. Check out our extensive selection today and call our team at Fiber Savvy if you have any questions!

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